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Problems Logging into our site?

This should no longer be a problem since we are now 100% free.    How can a site be totally free?   Thank our sponsor: Naturist Videos at Enature.   This site used to cost you $30 per month but now costs nothing.   And, there are no pop ups or annoying banners.    This is a paysite that was purchased by a company who decided to make it available for free and simply include some links to their business.

F.A.Q. & Policies

How many pictures do you have on your site?

You'll have access to over 89,385 different pictures in Nudist Fun. Don't be fooled by other sites that promise thousands of pictures. Many sites promise the world, but don't deliver. I have been fooled myself into believing the site I was paying for had a huge archive, then finding out their pictures were poor quality and the amount I got was lousy. Check around and you'll see I update my site with fresh pictures and movie clips more often than other nudist sites.

Aren't the pictures and movie clips on your site copyright protected?

When you buy a membership to Nudist Fun, you are not buying the pictures. I do not have any of the originals, nor am I selling copies. This site contains an archive of what has been traded over the Internet for as long as I have been collecting. My initial interest in nudism came largely from viewing these pictures, and Nudist Fun continues that ideal. Whenever possible, the original photographer is given full credit, but the source of many of these pictures is unknown.  The only movieclips I use, are those sanctioned by the video producers.

Back in 1998, I spoke to the director of Kurt Barthel Memorial Library. He claimed responsibility for many of the digitized images, though he said that the actual copyrights belonged to someone else. He looked at my web site and gave me permission to continue using the pictures as long my site remained free of pornography.

Since that time, I have not only lived up to that requirement, I have given back to the nudist community by helping to promote it. I now also run the Nudist Sun search engine, which is allot of work, but remains free for anyone to use. The money spent on memberships, goes towards the enormous bandwidth costs of running a site like this, and for my services as a webmaster.

If you see pictures on this site that you own the proven rights to, please email our
webmaster . We will give you full credit for the images and will give you a link to your own site if you wish it. We will also remove the pictures at your request, though you may find the free promotion you get from Nudist Fun to be more desirable.

Does Nudist Fun contain child pornography?

Nudism is NOT pornography, and anyone coming here to find such material is going to be very disappointed. There are very specific guidelines called the Dost Factors, they come from a 1986 case: U.S. vs. Dost, and were later affirmed by the Ninth Circuit U.S.Court of Appeals. The Dost factors are used to help determine if an image contains the "lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area" as referred to in United States Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 110 Section 2256, and which would make an image "child pornography". Even though we are Canadian ourselves, we have used the stricter American guidelines to determine which pictures are suitable for this site.

We do our best to keep a balance between the genders and the ages. But remember, the picture galleries within Nudist Fun, are an archive of Usenet nudist pictures. All pictures are presented in "series" format. This removes duplicates and provides them the original way they were posted. If copies of the same picture are found, the original is kept whenever possible. Also, I have presented each series in alphabetic order, so not to favor one over the other.

As long as we feel that the series portrays nudism, and not exploitation, it will not be censored.

We do not lie about what our site contains. Everything we do is presented on the News section of the front page of the site. Anyone thinking of purchasing a membership (no longer applies, the site is now free to all), can see exactly how often Nudist Fun is updated.

Am I getting value for my money at Nudist Fun? -- Update: We are now totally free so this no longer applies! :)

Only you can be the ultimate judge. However, I've been around the web myself, and I am hard pressed to find a better deal than the $49.95 six month membership that this site offers.

As I said you'll get access to 39,385+ pictures.  Add to that, I've hired a webmaster to insure the weekly update of the the picture archive. All in all, it's a very good deal. $49.95 will buy you about 3 good naturist magazines, and if you're lucky, you'll get a combined total of 200 pictures. There are more pictures in our archive alone, and each week new pictures are added to Nudist Fun at no additional cost.

Will my credit card be automatically rebilled when my membership subscription is over?-- Update: We are now totally free so this no longer applies! :)

No. When your subscription runs out, you will have to signup again in order to continue accessing Nudist Fun.

Can I get a refund? (Effective June 1 / 2000)   -- Update: We are now totally free so this no longer applies! :)

If you're a leech, forget it (We will check!). But if you feel that you were mislead by false advertising on this site, We will be happy to hear your case. We are a reasonable site, and no reasonable refund request will be denied.

We strive to keep the members' section exactly as I advertise it. Sometimes an error will happen (ex. movie clip not linked properly), but all you need to do is email us, and we will fix it.

If Nudist Fun is run by a Canadian, why are prices in U.S.? -- Update: We are now totally free so this no longer applies! :)

Nudist Fun serves the Internet community, and not any one country. We are Canadian and proud of it, but like it or not there are more Americans. It's just natural to cater to the the majority. If we ever figure out a way to set prices in other currencies we will offer them. but for now we are busy enough with other more pressing matters.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada