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Winter In The Northeast

While many people think that skinny dipping goes into hibernation during the cold winters of the northeast, there are places that you can be nude when the leaves fall and the snow drifts.

The Pilgrim Naturists of New England hosts events at one or more health clubs in New England. Based in Boston, MA., some events take place in that region, and some have taken place in the past in Rhode Island. Monthly socials allow people to gather in winter months to make summer plans.

Garden of Eden Club

hosts events in the area of Hartford, CT. Here again, a local band of naturists are hosting indoor events for the winter skinny dipper. Although not online with a web site, GOE can be contacted at:


Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort

Situated in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts is the Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort in Hancock, MA. Although Berkshire Vista's grounds are closed in the winter, their country inn on the grounds hosts a limited number of naturists/nudists in the winter months. The inn house, which was originally built in the late 1700s, has a variety of rooms with private or shared bath, kitchen privileges, common sitting rooms and satellite TV. The main feature is the large hot tub on the rear porch! Skinny-skiing is allowed on the grounds, or you can use it as a base of operations for the many ski trails in the adjoining Brodie Mountain Ski area off Rt. 43.

Rochester Naturist Society

In upstate New York, the Rochester Naturist Society hosts regular events at area pools, and at least one member and the group's founder welcome new members into their homes to hot tub or pool.

Mid-Atlantic region and New York City

Are served by a number of organized efforts for the skinny dipper in the winter. The best resource for that info rests at, a well-organized site that can lead you to events in NY, PA, and NJ.

Eastern Sunbathing Association

Regional to the northeast, nudist venues are available at the web site of the Eastern Sunbathing Association, the regional subdivision of AANR which oversees clubs from Maine to the Carolinas.

Federation of Canadian Naturists

Canadian venues are available at the Federation of Canadian Naturists.

clubs that operate year-round

For snow birds who prefer to go south or west, there are many clubs that operate year-round in the warmer climates. One need only visit the web sites of The Naturist Society or the American Association for Nude Recreation for a listing.


Haulover Beach in the north Miami area offers itself as the only legally operating nude beach in the Sunshine State. The South Florida Free Beaches Club (SFFB) is responsible for its development and its positive relationship with local authorities. Many nearby hotels cater to the naturists arriving for a stay, and some offer a discount. See the web site of SFFB for details and referrals.

Playalinda and Apollo Beaches

Along the Atlantic coast, the Cape Canaveral Seashore has two nude beaches: at Playalinda Beach in Brevard County, and Apollo Beach in Volusia County. Of the two, Apollo has the better reputation for being kind to skinny dippers. At Playalinda, however, recent changes in county ordinances against nudity have compelled the local sheriff to arrest skinny dippers. Informational updates are always available at the web site of Central Florida Naturists


One of the better known is Club Orient, located on Orient Beach on the island of St. Martin (Maarten). Orient Beach is a major nude beach there, and the only one legally recognized; it is also the destination of a number of cruise ships. While Club Orient offers itself to vacationers who want a clothes-free getaway, it remains possible to obtain lodging at other nearby clothed hotels as well (which are sometimes cheaper), and day trip to the beach, since all facilities below the tide lines are public.

Cap D'Agde

For the European traveler, Cap D'Agde on the south coast of France is known as the "Nudist City," where one can arrive and be nude 24 hours a day both at the beach and in most of the downtown district. It is entirely possible to arrive, take off your clothes, and remain that way for your entire stay.

Nightlife at Cap D'Agde also caters to just about every interest, from the conservative to the daring