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Quebec, Canada


The beach at Oka is undeniably the most known nudist beach in all of Quebec. Frequented by nudists for over twenty years now, they have affectionately renamed the beach 'Okapulco'. Located on the banks of one of the rivers that flows out of Lac des Deux Montagnes, the nudist beach takes up the extreme eastern portion of Oka Park's public beach. In spite of all the signs posted up throughout the area prohibiting nudism, the nudists that flock to the beach are tolerated by both the park officials and the S�ret� du Qu�bec. More than 300 nudists - comprised of singles and couples - congregate at the beach everyday of the summer and the beach even attracted a record of 900 people in one day back in June 1999.

Simply head to the extreme east of the public beach and after approximately 2.5-km
You'll find yourself at Oka's 'other' beach.
Because of its out-of-the-way location, there are absolutely no services at the nudist beach including bathrooms, cantina, garbage cans or water fountains.

Because it is not officially a beach and therefore does not offer any services, visitors should bring everything they'll need (minus any clothing!); - Join in a game of volleyball; - For more information about nudism in Quebec, contact the FQN at (514) 252-3014.