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Nova Scotia, Canada

Crystal Crescent Beach

Located near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Heading north for a vacation? Keep driving and check out Crystal Crescent Beach, about a 30-minute drive from Halifax. I spent a wonderful afternoon at Crystal Crescent Beach one day last month. The weather was great but the ocean waters were about 54 degrees. That's a little too bracing for swimming, although several jumped in and quickly returned to the warm sand. The water gets warm enough to be swimmable in late July. The ospreys and cormorants were putting on quite a show � as always, they are fascinating to watch.

There were about sixty people enjoying the day and catching up on the local gossip. Although the beach is a provincial park and has been nude for over 20 years, we still have aggravation from the Sambro locals, despite an agreement the club negotiated with the police. However, we continue to persevere.

On the beach you will undoubtedly find 'Bob,' he's a large guy with long hair, lots of personality and will give you any information you need.

Don't forget to take a walk beyond the nude beach and view the magnificence of nature, it's a fantastic walk. Remember that the beach and the big rock at the end are the designated nude areas. Walking beyond the beach in the buff may bring the law in a rush! Remember to wear good walking shoes, and bring water and food.

From Halifax, take the road to Spryfield and head for the Old Sambro Road
At the end of the highway you will see a general store; turn right toward the radio towers
Shortly after the fire station you will see a sign for the beach
Turn left, keep to the left at the intersection, and proceed to the beach entrance on the right.
Go straight down the gravel road to the end and park in the lot.
At the top of the hill you will have a magnificent view of the area and see the second beach.
Take the trail down to the pond, and straight ahead is a rough nature trail.
About a 20- minute walk down the trail you will come to the beach.