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New Jersey

Gunnison Beach

Wouldn't it be great if every beach under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service had as enlightened a policy as the one at Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook National Park, New Jersey. Not only does the National Park Service post signs regarding nudity ("beyond this point ...") they also provide lifeguards and security although clothed, unfortunately.

Gunnison Beach is the biggest nude beach in the entire Northeast. Thousands flock to the beach during the summer, and on a good day on the weekend, the parking lot often fills up by 11 a.m.

On any given week day there are easily 150 or 200 people on the beach - men, women, and men dressed as women (one of the few clothed bathers. lol) Gunnison Beach is BIG and can easily accomodate the thousands who throng here.

The water is quite cold there so not much swiming goes on, though the odd daredevil can be found. Gunnison is a friendly beach, and the activities going on resembled any other beach you have ever gone to, except for the lack of clothing. Some even fish from the beach, in-season of course. From the beach (which is at the entrance to New York Harbor) the New York Skyline, and Staten Island are clearly visable.

The amenities at Gunnison are great. The National Park Service is building a new bath house at the entrance to the beach, and on the beach is a concession stand, selling the usual beach fare of hot dogs and ice cream. The elusive wind screen was quite a popular item at the beach.

To get to the beach, take the Garden State Parkway to exit 117, the exit for Route 36
Follow the signs to Sandy Hook
The entrance to the National Park is at the the end of 36, where it meets the coast
Enter the park and follow the signs for Gunnison Beach
Park in Parking Lot G.
At the bathrooms on the boardwalk, head to the beach, and to your right
The nude area is clearly marked. Can't miss it.