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You live in Connecticut. You want to go skinny dipping. You do not want to be arrested, or slapped with a large fine. Where do you go?

Well, unless you own your own private beach on the coast, or private pond inland, your choice is: Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Vermont or Rhode Island. Anywhere, that is, except in Connecticut. This is a sad, but true, fact of living in what must be the most puritanical state in the Northeast.

It is too bad. Connecticut is perfect for nude sunbathing. It boasts hundreds of miles of coastline on the Long Island Sound. There are probably an additional thousand miles or more of river, pond and lake frontage. But, despite extensive research, we have not yet found a single free public place in the entire state where nude swimming is acceptable. We have checked the official nude sunbathing guides, networked with nudist associations, and have asked avid Connecticut nudists. The guide books are blank, and everyone just shrugs their shoulders when asked.

This is not to say that you can not go nude in Connecticut. You can. Solair is the one nudist resort in the state, if you are willing to pay a fee. But that, dear folks, is it.

We are undaunted, however. We will continue to look for that elusive site, and will keep you abreast of any developments.