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Some years back, when the Soviet empire collapsed so unexpectedly, so many things in the lives of the people changed almost overnight. One of the changes for good was the opening of the frontiers, for so long almost hermetically sealed on both sides. Suddenly, people could visit countries they�d only read or dreamed about in the past, and great cultural discoveries were made, some quite surprising.


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One of the most unusual discoveries was that of how widespread the practice of naturism was in a lot of the USSR. satellite countries: Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, the Baltic States, the GDR, Ukraine and of course, Russia. All these countries had non-official naturist groups, which were mostly tolerated by the authorities in most places. So when the borders fell, naturists from the west were astonished to find just how active and organized were these groups of like-minded people. In fact, where naturism in the west was passing through crisis after crisis due to politics and the intolerance of a few neo-conservatives who believed they alone knew what was good for everyone else, naturism over the border was thriving and expanding in its new-found freedom and tolerance, and as the few western naturists who first visited these groups quickly discovered, they had a lot to show us in terms of freedom and live-and-let-live philosophy.


One of the first western naturist enterprises to show an interest in this newly-discovered naturism was ENATURE.NET, based in the USA. They sent out intrepid reporters and cameramen to far-out unknown places, and so the first-ever video reportages of naturists from the east were made available to curious naturists in the west. And what stood out most in these early films was the enormous joie-de-vivre that emanated from the many different scenes portrayed, as well as the fact that naturists of all ages were portrayed, from toddlers to grandparents. A first in naturist filming.


Going from success to success, over the years ENATURE expanded its frontiers, and new films were constantly added to their ever-growing and interesting catalog. The first films from Ukraine were soon among the most popular and innovative, because they really did portray genuine naturist families living out genuine naturist holidays and events in totally natural surroundings. Kiev, Odessa, the Crimea: exotic-sounding names that added to the poetry in motion of the new titles: NAKED MAY DAY IN ODESSA! BARE BEACH BALL! SUMMER SYMPHONY! PAINTED BODIES � COLORFUL MINDS! SAILING NAKED AND FREE! To mention just a few of these films, so different to all those gone before.


Then ENATURE.NET transformed itself into RUSSIANBARE.COM, while still continuing with its diffusion of unique naturist films that portray the true naturist lifestyle in the east. For all those who hold an interest in genuine family naturism as it should be lived, the RUSSIANBARE catalog holds so many gems that you will never tire of watching, including festivals, games, adventures, poetical plays and pantomimes, and wonderful landscapes and participants that let us see and know why it is a healthy way of life, no matter what your age or situation.


The Crimea in particular has proved to be a fabulous untouched paradise for naturist families, and many of the RUSSIANBARE films were shot in this unique and sunny spot. You can thus discover the isolated beaches and creeks and bays, the rivers and the mountains, the forests and the crowded holiday resorts where naturists play alongside textiles in total harmony. KNOCKING AT THE DOOR OF PARADISE, as indeed one of the available titles informs us. And watch the unique CARNIVAL IN KOKTEBEL, or learn why THE FLAGS ARE FLYING HIGH DOWN IN ODESSA! Year after year, summer after summer, our Ukrainian and Russian naturist friends live out in total freedom their dreams and adventures in this paradisiacal land, and the RUSSIANBARE catalog allows us all to share these dreams and adventures  in some of the best naturist films now available to one and all.


The latest addition is the fantastic KING AND QUEEN OF KOKTEBEL festival, and it shows us once again that naturism is alive and kicking in Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe and these films really do show us how the Great Russian Bear of the legends is just as symbolic when it dares to go bare, as here. So don�t hesitate, ask for the RUSSIANBARE.COM catalog, and see for yourselves just what true naturism can be in total joy and freedom.


~written by Peter Dietrich

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