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NF News Exclusive

All around the world nude children play on beaches, at naturist clubs and resorts.  There are videos attesting to this at places like But is this a good thing?

Having practiced Naturism as a child and for 20+ years as an adult in the U.S., I can honestly say there is nothing better than being a young nudist.   EXCEPT, when the textile world does not accept or understand Naturism.    However wonderful life is while recreating at a nude beach, and it is great fun (yes, more fun than a textile beach -- more on why later), life goes on beyond the beach.    Children go to school, to after-school activities, play with neighbors and with extended family.     If those places and people consider Naturism to be alien, humorous, improper or even wrong, then the child will be confronted with serious challenges.  

One option, the one that most adults employ, is to simply not mention the Naturist events to others outside the Naturist community.   While this is sometimes necessary and acceptable for adults, it is too much of a burden to place on a child.     It is the parent's responsibility to see to it that their children are not placed in situations that require wholesale secrecy from friends and family.     It actually causes the kind of shame and reclusiveness that Nudism aims to undo.   Children want and need to share there weekends with friends and family.      So, those people either need to be on board or parents should consider the other option.

Where Naturism is not widely practiced and accepted among adults, children should not be included.     The harm does not come from the day at the nude beach, it comes from the interaction the children inevitably have with the rest of their community afterward.   Secrecy is no good.   Subjecting a child to the ignorance and hostility that their community may have toward nude living is no good either.     If children are to be involved either the parents need to live in a community where adults and families supportive of Naturism live or educate their community themselves (prior to involving young people).

Those places exist but not in the U.S.    Yes, there are Naturist clubs and resorts that allow children.    And, yes, they are perfectly fine places for children.   But, the problem is once the children go back to their daily lives.    In general, Naturism is still considered an adult activity in the States.    However, in Montalivet, France, for example, there is a nude quarter where the entire town is clothing optional.   One can bank, shop, and dine in the nude.     Tens of thousands of people are there at any given time.    Through out most of France, a holiday at the Naturist beach is not only considered acceptable, it is enviable something to be proud and excited about.      It is in this situation, where support for Naturism extends beyond the limited time and place of the nude beach, that children can take part in the fun of living clothes free.

Some people, especially those from places where Naturism does not exist, wonder if children are at a greater risk for molestation at naturist resorts.     Part of this concern arises from the association that most people have between nudity and sex.     However, as anyone who spent time in a Naturist location or even watched a few authentic Naturist movies would know, the nudity really becomes incidental when everyone is nude and no one is behaving in a sexual manner.    One can easily argue that bikinis are more sexually suggestive than nudity.   That said, of course, one must always be concerned about the welfare of children.     The risk exists everywhere.    Naturist events where children are present should always include their parents.    The parents should be actively involved.

I know personally that the people who produce the films for RussianBare do so with families who have been Naturists for generations, who live in communities supportive of Naturism and where the parents are actively involved.     As a result (and as is evident from watching the movies), all the Naturists come away from their experience happy and healthy.    The go on to be leaders in their community and successful in all aspects of living, returning year after year for nude holidays on the beach.   

~written by Katie Seagal

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